Ikari-Fiks Satoru

Nagazi Surgeon and Augmentation Specialist


Refresh 4
Resources 1


Nagazi Surgeon and Augmentation Specialist (High Concept)
Notorious Fugitive (Trouble)
I Was Just Trying to Help
Welcome to All, Loyal to None
For Science!

Skills (22+1)
+4 Academics1
+3 Crafts1 Notice
+2 Combat Contacts Investigate Resolve
+1 Mythos Pilot Rapport Survival

1 Knowledgeable in the areas of medicine, mechanical engineering, augmentation

Stunts (3 Stunts +1 Refresh +1 Free)
  • Augmentations. Gain an additional +2 equipment points for augmentations.
  • Experimental Stimulant. You can use modern drugs to get someone going in combat. Once per session, inject someone with your special cocktails to make a Academics overcome roll against a difficulty of Good (+4). If you succeed, you give them two free fate points, usable only during this conflict. If you succeed with style, you give them an additional boost. If you tie, you give them one free fate point. If you fail, they take a 2-stress hit. Once the encounter ends, if they spent any of the free fate points you gave them, the character takes the consequence ‘Exhausted’ in their lowest available consequence slot.
  • Fiks Clade (Racial, Free). The Fiks clade are known for their intelligence and single minded, almost emotionless, drive to learn and discover knowledge. However, they are also the physically weakest of the Nagazi. They gain +2 bonus to all Academics checks, but suffer a -2 penalty to Physique checks involving the use of ‘raw strength’.
  • Scientific Genius. Once per session, when you spend a fate point to make a declaration based on your unusual knowledge of Academics, you can create an aspect with two free invokes on it related to your declaration.
  • Unrestricted Restricted Access. Gain a +2 bonus to any Contacts checks when acquisitioning forbidden or illegal items. This has no effect on the price of said object however…
Equipment (6+2 Points)
  • Augmented Respiratory System (2). Receives +2 when attempting to resist toxic substances, suffocation, drowning, blindness and shock as long as his augmentations are in working condition.
  • Mechadendrite Arms (2). Mechanical Arms protruding from the back that are more suited for delicate works even in fine spaces. These grant a +2 bonus to any Crafts checks that involve the arms and avoid any negative aspects relating to working in confined spaces.
  • Servo-Skull (2). Imbued with a form of artificial intelligence, this hovering servo-skull is capable of rudimentary thought and reasoning, and can perform simple tasks independently of you, within a limited scope. It has Crafts and Academics (Medical) at Fair (+2), and can take actions on your behalf, using its skills instead of yours, or it can assist you by providing a teamwork bonus where appropriate.
Aspect Descriptions

Nagazi Surgeon and Augmentation Specialist

Notorious Fugitive

I Was Just Trying to Help

Welcome to All, Loyal to None

For Science!


Standing 1.6 meters tall with impeccable posture, this slender Nagazi would appear like most other Fiks Clade scientists and doctors if not for the abundance of augmentations. His left arm has been replaced from the elbow down with a machine replica, which can also be said for a number of the scales on his back, the tip of his tail, the middle toe of each foot (think raptor claws) and even half of his lungs and stomach. The extensive work on his lungs has left him requiring a collection of respirator tubes after any excessive use of the respiratory system. Protruding from his back are two mechanical arms which extend at 45 degree angles, end in four-pronged talons and have remarkable flexibility for their appearance.


Radical and flamboyant at times, he pities the living and relishes in the advancement of the machine. That’s not to say he hates the living, just believes they are limited and inferior to technology. Has no real concern for losing body parts (of his own or others) as they can be easily replaced by more superior machine parts. While he hides a slight anger towards those who banished him, he channels that to proving them wrong and believes one day he can change their minds and create a stronger society.


How did you make a rival or enemy of Hale Valentine (or vice versa)? What’s the most recent occurrence of this conflict?
Following the rescue of Roxy, the surgeon now has a rival in Hale that cares deeply for Roxy, and he has developed jealousy against the surgeon over both saving her life and now being in the same mercenary group. This feud continues to confuse the surgeon as he has no romantic interest in Roxy and refuses to take no part of the so-called rivalry.

Why do you feel responsible for Roxy Silver-Song? Why can’t you escape from this responsibility?
Additionally, the surgeon now strangely responsible for Roxy’s life; not only because he had already went to great lengths to keep her alive thus far (even risking his own against the assassin), but also because he has begun to test a number of hypotheses relating to both her Altrisker background and her experience with the zombies (naturally he finds it better that the subject is unaware of said hypotheses).

You have a vested interested in locations in the Wilderness. What happened last time you had to support or defend it?
The doctor has vested interest in several locations around the wilderness where he has set up crude workshops and gathering stations for resources only found within the wilderness. If these were to be damaged, robbed from or destroyed, he would lose many many years of research and would force a restart in several experiments


Session X: The Defense of Araden: Having successfully handling himself in combat to defend the town from a spirit invasion (and studied Aurora), Satoru honed his combat skills and knowledge on the spirit realm and essence as a result. (+1 Combat; +1 Mythos)

Ikari-Fiks Satoru

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