Roxy Silver-Song

Insanely Reckless Maned Fenrir Bard


Refresh 4
Resources 1


Insanely Reckless Carnivorous Fenrir Bard (High Concept)
Prisoner to Her Vices (Trouble)
You Only Live Once
School of Hard Knocks
True Survivor

Skills (23)
+4 Rapport
+3 Athletics Deceive Stealth
+2 Provoke Resolve Physique
+1 Combat Contacts Investigate Larceny
Stunts (5 Stunts)
  • Acute Senses (Racial). Fenrir have keen hearing and an acute sense of smell, and gain a +2 bonus to Notice checks when using these senses. In addition, Fenrir can use Survival to track with smell alone.
  • Another Round? You receive a +2 to Rapport to gathering information when drinking with someone in a tavern.
  • Backstabber. While your opponent is Distracted (or has a similar aspect), you can use Deceive in place of Combat to Attack.
  • Quick Exit. A momentary distraction is all you need to vanish from the scene. Provided you are not in the midst of a conflict, you may roll a Stealth roll against a passive difficulty equal to the highest Notice in the room. If you succeed, the next time someone turns to look at or talk to you, you’re not there. You may come back at any time you like, reappearing as quickly as you vanished.
  • Tougher Than She Looks. Your training allows you to push through pain and injury and just keep going. You get two additional stress boxes, one on your Angry condition and one on your Stunned condition.
Equipment (2+2 Points)
  • Spirit Instrument. Blessed by spirits, when used this instrument grants a +1 bonus to all Rapport checks when dealing with spirits.
Aspect Descriptions

Morally Ambiguous Carnivorous Fenrir Bard
Roxy treats life lightly. She does what’s fun or exciting without any consideration as to what is right or wrong.

Prisoner to Her Vices/You Only Live Once
Roxy loves danger. The bigger the risk, the bigger the thrill.

School of Hard Knocks
Living life on the streets, Roxy has learned many things.

True Survivor
Girl we need some, girl we need some action
If we’re gonna make it like a true survivor
We need some action
If we wanna take our love away from here




Roxy and Ikari-Fiks Satoru worked to undermine or directly combat one of the Hounds’ machinations. What did that conflict cost you? What did it cost the Hounds?
The Hounds conspired to remove the population of a town/city that was in a strategic location by angering the local spirits. Roxy calmed the spirits with her spirit music as a favour to the people, undermining the Hounds’ machinations.
This costs the Hounds by contradicting their plans, the spirits are now happy with the existing populace and they are no longer able to be removed with the same strategy.
This made the Hounds angry, and upon learning that Roxy undermined them, enacted vengeance upon her for standing in their way.
Damaged and near death by the Hounds’ ambush, Roxy somehow found her way onto the doorstep of Satoru‘s workshop where she was quickly treated and brought back to normal. While this would have been an expensive procedure for Roxy, during her recovery another Hound assassin attempted to finish the job but was stopped and killed by the surgeon; thus now being able to pay for the operation by pawning off the assassin’s equipment.

During the shared Dream-Omen, you betrayed Baird Curio-Claws. Was this an easy or difficult decision? Why did you, and how much do they really know about it?
During the Shared Dream Omen, Roxy betrayed Baird. She overpowers and devours him. The dream is burned into the memory of all those present, the PCs are able to recollect the event with absolute clarity. They are able to recollect their senses and emotions during the event with ease.

You heard interesting rumours about Yurah Watchful-Spirit long before meeting them. Name one positive story. Name one unsettling or odd rumour.

Roxy Silver-Song

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