Ishida-Sotami Katsuro

Vengeful Augmented Hound Captain



Vengeful Augmented Hound Captain (High Concept)
Brutally Impatient (Trouble)


Skilled (+2) At… Brutal, Dirty Combat; Giving Orders; Intimidation and Shakedowns
Unskilled (-2) At… Negotiations; Patience and Extended Planning

  • Dirty Fighting. You have a talent for fighting dirty and are experienced in pulling all manner of tricks in order to get the upper hand on your opponents. Any time you invoke an opponent’s aspect in a physical fight, you get an additional +1 on the roll.
  • Equipment. Earth Spirit Axe (Heavy Weapon)
  • Hardened Scales (Racial). Sotami also possess thicker, reinforced scales on the dorsal surfaces of their body, as well as increased protection to the more vulnerable parts of their body. This natural armour counts as Medium armour. This armour does not stack with other armour, though it can be improved with gear points through cybernetic enhancement.
  • No Quarter. If you succeed with style on a defence roll, you can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take a boost.
  • Tireless Endurance (Racial). Bred for endurance and a focused mind, the Sotami make excellent soldiers. This grants them +2 for checks involving endurance or stamina.

Ishida-Sotami Katsuro

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