Sei Nightingale

Aspiring Inventor, Accidentally Cursed


Refresh 6
Resources 1


Aspiring Inventor, Accidentally Cursed (High Concept)
Expected Results Not Guaranteed (Trouble)
Adoptive Daughter of Kaissha (Background)
Adventurer at Heart (Inciting Incident)
Others Before Myself (Belief)

Skills (23)
+4 Crafts
+3 Academics Insight Mythos
+2 Combat Rapport Resolve
+1 Investigate Notice Stealth Survival
Stunts (3 Stunts)
  • Defend the Weak. When someone is attacked physically while within your zone, you can spend a fate point to redirect that attack to yourself. You may defend against that attack at +1.
  • Smooth Over. Attempts to calm someone down using Rapport receive a +2 bonus, provided they aren’t directly angry with you.
  • Whip Specialist. You have a +2 bonus to Combat rolls when using a whip to create advantages.
Equipment (4 Points)
  • Powered Utility Glove (2) This device grants the wearer enhanced strength (+2 Physique) for a limited duration, after which the glove must recharge. In addition, and acts as a complex multi-tool – so long as the user has access to the glove, they are never considered without an appropriate tool for a given task. However, the containment seal on the ‘power source’ (what remains of Sei’s hand) is fragile, and can break if one is not careful.
    • Powered Utility Glove [Device]. Focus 2 (+2 bonus to Physique checks), Situational (only for exerting physical strength), Demanding (Requires recharging after use); Exceptional (You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for repairing or disabling a device); Troubling (‘Fragile Containment Unit’)
  • Energy Whip (2) A finely crafted metal whip, it is powered by a small power source that heats the weapon to dangerous levels.
    • Energy Whip [Device]. Harmful 2, Troubling (‘Requires Upkeep’): After excessive use, compel this aspect to shut off all of its features, representing the device wearing down and requiring repair.
Aspect Descriptions

Aspiring Inventor, Accidentally Cursed
Sei followed the footsteps of her mother, aspiring to become the caliber of an inventor her mother was. Until one day, she was involved in an accident with Veridium – a crystallised blood of a spirit deity – which had the potential to corrupt both her body and mind if left unchecked for too long. After developing a glove with her mother, she set off on an adventure afterwards, realising there’s more to the world than staying hidden away without exploring everything there is to offer.

Expected Results Not Guaranteed
Sei was always prone to not getting the results she desired. Whether it was a lack of judgement, forgetting a vital detail or just plain zoning out, it has left her with inventions that can sometimes not go accordingly, unlike her mother’s work which worked 100% of the time. Results have ranged from minor to catastrophic but she’s on her journey now to try and to try and solve this problem, hoping that one day she’ll overcome her problems.

Adoptive Daughter of Kaissha
Sei’s adoptive mother, Kaissha, made quite a name for herself. Ingrained into the history of the first person to fuse spirits and inventions together, Sei wanted to do the same after she took her in. After being taught as much as she could as well as the idea of combing spirits and inventions while growing up, she had quite the reputation to shoulder, something that she could not live up to a lot of the time. Constantly being shamed by her failures by her peers, she left her village a while ago to try and clear her head but it still lingers…

Adventurer at Heart
Coming soon.

Others Before Myself
Sei is a lot more compassionate and willing to listen to others, more so than normal people, as well as helping them if need be. Refraining from combat unless absolutely necessary. Quickly making relationships but require time or quick to lose them. Of course, that has lead to certain relationships going sour and distressing her a lot but she still feels that it’s important to trust and make bonds with people no matter who or what the location, as naive as it might sound to others.




Roxy Silver-Song has a friend who came to you about a case, and shortly thereafter went missing or turned up dead. Does their friend blame you or look to you for help?

You and Baird Curio-Claws teamed up to track down info on (Individual/Group). What mental or social talent did you each show that impressed each other?

You have a crush or fannish admiration of both Ikari-Fiks Satoru and Sabriel Stormborn that you try to keep under wraps. Why? How does this admiration show anyway?

Sei Nightingale

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