Baird Curio-Claws

Young and Fearless Icari Spirit-Bending Prodigy


Refresh 4
Resources 1


Young and Fearless Spirit-Bending Prodigy (High Concept)
Have a Thing for Hidden Secrets (Trouble)
I’ll Take Whatever I Can Take
As Quick as a Flash
Everyone’s Kid Brother

Skills (22+1)
+4 Athletics
+3 Combat Crafts Larceny
+2 Notice Physique Rapport
+1 Insight Resolve Stealth Survival
Stunts (5 Stunts)
  • Holding Still. You can use Athletics in place of Stealth to avoid detection when not moving at all.
  • Winged (Racial). You can fly like a bird. You can ignore ground obstacles when moving across zones.
  • Precognition. Baird’s dreams every night are vivid, but sometimes, they are prophetic. Once per session following a prophetic dream (defined as any scene that follows a night in which the character got more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep), the player can grant a +2 bonus to any roll, declaring that a particular action or event was foretold in his dream.
  • Spirit Whisperer. The spirits whisper to you, telling you things that you would otherwise not know. You gain a +2 bonus to Discover rolls using Rapport when asking spirits questions.
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf. You can use Rapport in place of Deceive when trying to convince strangers of a falsehood.
Equipment (2+2 Points)
  • Spirit Channeling Bracers (3). Heavy Weapon. Crafted by Baird to control and direct his spiritual power.
  • Leg Sash (1). Light Shield. Crafted by Baird to prevent his spiritual powers from being tempered.
Aspect Descriptions

Young and Fearless Spirit-Bending Prodigy
Baird can communicate with spirits without the need of ritual or meditation. It comes to him naturally like riding a bike, and he takes a lot of liberty in testing his spiritual connections.

Have a Thing for Hidden Secrets
For most people, there are things better left secret. For Baird, he needs to know. What happened behind that door? What’s inside that chest? Who left this mess and why are things that way? Baird needs to know.

I’ll Take Whatever I Can Take
Even if there are no free lunches in this world, Baird will take anything he can get his talons on. It’s just too good to pass on free stuff. Why not get that thing if it doesn’t cost anything? What downsides could there possibly be?

As Quick as a Flash
Baird is full of energy and as the ‘fastest bird in the world’, he claims to fly quicker than a rock can fall. Baird doesn’t waste time in travelling because the exciting destination awaits. Also, he is quick at swiping things off the table. Cough cough.

Everyone’s Kid Brother
Being the youngest in the group, Baird is looked after and seen as the most important person to teach any life lessons that happen to befall upon him. He’s OK with that, because he recognises his young age. However, that doesn’t stop him from using that to his advantage.


Baird was born with a talent both a curse and a blessing: prophetic vision with spirit communion. He’s never quite worked out why only he can see the future sometimes, or why talking to spirits come as easy as lucid dreaming. All he had to do was be in the right state, focus on it, and attempt communication. He has never thought about why he could do it, just knows that he can, and he exploits that to the fullest.

In Baird’s early childhood, he had known Roxy until he was able to speak and understand sentences. He’s grown an orphan life, never knowing his parents and the village which was destroyed by Baron Kardos’ men. For an Icari, however, Baird proved to be useful for many manual labours, and lived a harsh life in the streets, seldom in a home. He dreamed to be a hero, a capable bird who is destined to save the world with his fast claws and sharp beak. Baird had seen people starve to death, murdered … he never understood the reason behind the motives, only that the outcome was bad. And he was determined to be good.

When Roxy returned, Baird had grown up and became a 10-year-old Icari who had a mind of a 16-year-old. Baird knew the life of a freelancer, someone with enough skills to lodge a job and a bedding just about anywhere. He’d become a mercenary but mostly tagged with other more experienced people, who came and went. He sometimes lived in his own world that he would become an amazing bird, and neglected his social life – people seemed to just come and go. Roxy, though, stayed. Roxy was the only person he had known who he knew he could place his trust, at least until he met Rajah and Sabriel’s crew.

Baird had come from a life of harshness to gain a set of skills that helped him most – fighting skills. On top of channeling with spirits, Baird had an advantage over most people, and he would often need to protect himself. He trained daily, knowing that only survival would get him to his goals to become the amazing bird who will save the world.


You had a premonition about the Plague that came to pass. Who did you try to warn? How did they respond?
Baird had a premonition about the Plague striking their town at the age of 4, to which the village just laughed. Shortly after, they town was surely destroyed, with everyone he knew died. He survived only on foresight.

Sometime ago, you and Roxy Silver-Song did a secret job or task for the Hounds. What did Roxy do then to earn your trust?
The job to steal an important item was arranged by The Hounds. The PCs, including Baird and Roxy, did not realise their ulterior motive at first. As a result of their success and the initial friction with the resistance, Roxy had help their escape by soothing spirits along the way. Instead of being surrounded by dangerous spirits, the group got away. Since then, Roxy had Baird’s character’s trust – at least to some extent. The omen in the dream still meant something is to be afraid of.

Anzhelika Mountain-Strider interfered with you when you were either tracking down or interrogating Raph ‘Spiritbane’. what happened to your investigation as a result?

Baird Curio-Claws

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