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High Concept
First, decide on your high concept. This is a single phrase or sentence that neatly sums up who your character is, what they do, and how they will be depicted in the game. Depiction is just as important as what your character can do, as it describes not only how you’ll play the character, but how other characters will see him. Consider writing the aspect in the present tense, describing something the character does rather than did. Keep in mind the action of displaying who the character is.

This aspect describes the sum of where you are from and what experiences you have had. Take your high concept and describe how you came to be that way. It should not contradict your portrayal.

Inciting Incident
You decided to become a mercenary for a reason. Why? What forced you into this life? What did you see or experience that made you act out? To keep your character interesting, strongly consider the reason they do what they do.

Consider the aspects you’ve written up to this point. Collectively, how do they color your perceptions of the world? Or, how have they changed you? Phrase this aspect as a motivation. It’s not only how you see the world, but what you want to do to affect it.

Finally, consider all of the above and decide how they collectively cause you recurring trouble. Is there an overarching theme in the aspects that hasn’t been stated yet? Do you have another belief that drives you to trouble more often than not? Is someone after you? Your trouble should be primarily negative in how it affects you, and it should be something that will come up at least once a session. As this is your primary aspect for gaining fate points in play, make it something that is an obvious and constant hindrance to you.

Other Rules

In addition to those presented in the Fate Core SRD, Frontier Tales makes use of several new rules, which are covered in the System Changes section.

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Penetrating (Medium or Heavy)
This trait acts in the same manner as weapon ratings for non-minions, the only difference being that the minions do not get free invokes to use in a conflict.

Resilient (1+)
Each rank of this trait reduces damage taken by 1. If damage is reduce to 0 or less, the attack becomes a boost instead.

Shielded (1+)
Like shields, this trait grants additional stress boxes that can be used by minions to absorb damage.

Character Rules

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