Grand Palaces and majestic Cathedrals adorne the landscape of Aurelia in equal measure. Ruled jointly by Emperor Marius and the Council of the Seven, it is easily one of the most scientifically progressive nations in Valeria, having made great strides in recovery knowledge that was once thought lost to the Age of Darkness. It is considered to be the shining beacon of light in these dark times, with everyone living within its borders living idealistic lives without want for food or shelter.

However, as one begins to peel back the surface, it soon becomes clear that this golden apple is rotten at its core. The Emperor and Council maintain control through a massive spy network and secret police force, silencing any who would speak against the established order. Meanwhile, deep beneath the radiant walls of the Imperial Palace in Avalon, the nation’s leadership conduct profane rituals to appease dark and terrible spirit gods.


Blackened by decades of war and strife, even now the once mighty nation of Karth is embroiled in a bitter civil war between the reborn Lord Baron Kardos and his Cult Mechanicus, and his once loyal second-in-command, Kravin Blackmoore, and the Order of the Eternal Flame.

The industrial powerhouse of the region, Karth’s forge-cities tirelessly belch thick smoke into the air, choking out the sun and blanketing the land in a near constant gloom, while the citizenry suffer under the iron-fisted rule of their tyrant leaders. Few dare rise a voice in protest, lest they be taken away and converted in to servitors, mindless melding of man and machine, built only to serve the will of their masters.

The FrontierFrontier2.png

Made up of lands once under the control of the Karthian and Aurelian empires, the Frontier is filled with hardy men and women seeking out a better life, away from the overcrowded, oppressive cities and poor work conditions to a free land where anything was possible. But, resting at the edge of settled land and the dangerous, untamed Wilds, the Frontier is rife with the likes of raiders and brigands more than happy to relieve travellers and communities alike of their material burdens.

This ever persistent danger, whether it be from man, beast or spirit, offers ripe opportunities for for those willing to offer their services as mercenaries. Whether it be for desperate townsfolk, hot-headed revolutionaries, or inscrutable company men, coin readily available for those willing to put their life, and sometimes their morals, on the line.


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