Session Rules

Recap Aspects

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After each session, the Storyteller posts the session name, a brief one or two sentence summary, and a series of section headlines. For example:

Session Name
A brief summary of the session…

  • Section Headline 1
  • Section Headline 2
  • Section Headline 3
  • Section Headline 4

Each player then writes a sentence or three under each section, talking about what went on. For each session that a player fills in a recap, they receive an aspect that ties to what they did or experienced in the session, with one free invoke on it.

These aspects are available for the duration of a story arc but once the arc concludes all Recap Aspects go away. This prevents too many aspects from building up and helps to keep them focused on what is currently going on.

Using Recap Aspects also has the side effect of modeling how the characters learn more about what is going on in the story. They start an arc with no Recap Aspects but as they learn more about what is going on they get aspects that tie into what is going on.

Missing Players

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If a player is absent from a session, their character is replaced by a ‘Missing PC Aspect’. This aspect is then added to Game aspects that all of the PCs have access to. This means that the players can use this aspect to help accomplish things that they rely on the missing PC for.

Using this technique, the players can still depend on the character for help with challenges, as the other players can invoke the Missing PC aspect to give them a bonus to something that they might not be good at, but the other character is.

Remember: A Missing PC Aspect should be written up in such a way that gives a reason that the PC isn’t as involved while also giving the storyteller a chance to compel it.

Session Rules

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