Sabriel Stormborn

Infamous Storm-Bound Mercenary Captain


Refresh 3
Resources 1


Infamous Storm-Bound Mercenary Captain (High Concept)
Former Karthian Military Captain (Trouble)
“I’m the Calm in a Storm of Insanity”
Not Just Human Any More 
No Mercy, But No Cruelty 

Skills (23)
+4 Combat
+3 Athletics Insight Provoke
+2 Contacts Notice Resolve
+1 Mythos Pilot Stealth Survival
Stunts (5 Stunts)
  • Frighteningly Convincing. With veiled, indirect threats and the just the right tone, you can convince someone of just about anything – they’re simply too scared to even consider questioning what you’re saying. You may use Provoke in place of Deceive when using threats to convince someone of an untruth.
  • Heart of the Storm. You can generate powerful lightning and gale force winds, using them to cause harm to others, but at a cost (generally excessive use causes the onset of fatigue). Damage from these attacks count as if from a medium weapon, with the exception that this stunt does not generate any free invokes per conflict.
    • Attacks count as having the Harmful 2 quality.
  • Raging Determination. Use Provoke instead of Physique on any overcome rolls representing feats of strength, using strong winds and magnetism to move objects.
  • Small But Fierce! Despite your small stature, you exude a menace capable of terrifying even the most hardened of individuals. You have a +2 bonus to Provoke when creating advantages related to fear and intimidation.
  • Tougher Than She Looks. Your training allows you to push through pain and injury and just keep going. You get two additional stress boxes, one on your Angry condition and one on your Stunned condition.
Equipment (6 Points)
  • Augmented Mechanical Arm (2). Your left arm has been replaced by a mechanical replacement. While it doesn’t have enhanced physical attributes, the arm has a built-in grappling hook that is fired from the back of the wrist. This grants a +2 bonus to Athletics checks for jumping or climbing in situations where the hook can be secured to something. In addition it can be used to Create Advantages in combat.
    • Augmented Mechanical Arm [Device] (2). Focus 2 (+2 bonus to Athletics checks); Situational (only when using the grappling hook mechanism)
  • Living Carapace (4). This strangely organic looking matte black carapace armour was created when the forest spirit Lesh Vir’ava imbued Sabriel’s original carapace armour with living essence, granting it the ability to self repair minor damage. It counts as both medium armour and a medium shield.
    • Living Carapace Armour [Device] (4). Protective 2; Trouble Aspect ‘Distinctive Armour of the Karthian Military’
Character Inspirations
Aspect Descriptions

Infamous Storm-Bound Mercenary Captain

Wanted by the Hounds

“I’m the Calm in a Storm of Insanity”

Not Just Human Any More

No Mercy, but No Cruelty




Roxy Silver-Song and you fought each other in the Wilderness. How is it marked from that incident? How are you two marked?
My unit and I tracked Roxy to a mountainous region west of a small village. After a powerful storm separated me from the rest of my men, I came across Roxy atop a rocky outcropping. She called upon a spirit to aid her, and the resulting fight saw us both gravely injured. She escaped, while I was left lying on a small ledge halfway the cliff face.

Using the last of my remaining strength I climbed to the top of the cliff, where I encountered the spirit of the storm. It offered to bond with me, saving my life long enough that my unit found me and took me back to base. Once there my crippled arm was replaced with a mechanical replacement. Knowing that I had become the very thing we used to hunt, I hide my change from my men.

Whenever someone mentions the Plague, Yurah Watchful-Spirit and you get quiet. What happened that you don’t want others to know about? Why do you keep it secret?
Following the failed mission to capture Roxy, my unit and I were assigned to guard one of the Baron’s research facilities that was doing additional research into the Plague. We caught a Kodan (Yurah) attempting to infiltrate the facility. Whilst interrogating him, I discovered that he was one of the Uzai. However, he also discovered my true nature as one of the bound and asked me about it. Unfortunately one of my men overheard our discussion, and with the aid of his comrades, turned on me. I freed the Kodan, and with his help, escaped. The Hounds still hunt me to this day.

Directly or not, you’re the reason the Hounds got involved with the recent bandit attack on Haven, and they hold a grudge against you for it. What happened?
After my desertion from their ranks, the Hounds had followed my trail to Haven. Here they were caught up in the attack, causing it to break into a three way combat that saw several Hounds killed. They hold me directly responsible for the deaths of their comrades, and will stop at nothing to bring me to ‘justice’.

Sabriel Stormborn

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