Rajah Khentkaus

Cursed Aslani Relic Hunter


Refresh 4
Resources 1


Aslani Relic Hunter, Curse Included (High Concept)
Demonic Co-Pilot (Trouble)
“Fortune and Glory, Kid. Fortune and Glory.”
You Stay Till Job is Done
Pursued by Raph Spiritbane

Skills (20+3)
+4 Athletics Combat
+3 Investigate Resolve
+2 Larceny Provoke
+1 Contacts Crafts
Stunts (5 Stunts)
  • Deadeye. You’re an expert at calculating impossible trajectories for your shots. Once per conflict, you can gain +3 to attack with Shoot when you rely on ricochets and arcs for your attack.
  • Just A Flesh Wound. Rajah always counts as having a light shield, due to his unusual nature. Light shields have a 2-box stress track. When the stress track is full, the shield can no longer be marked to avoid stress. At the end of a conflict, the shield’s stress track will automatically clear.
  • On The Trail. You may use Investigate in place of Survival to find his way through the wilderness when seeking out ancient ruins.
  • Watch Out For The Left. In combat, you fight with a gun in each hand. Normally, shooting with two guns just looks cool without providing a bonus. With this stunt, when you fire two weapons you have a decisive advantage. Once per conflict, when you use two guns and successfully hit a target, you can make your target take a consequence instead of the stress you would normally deal.
  • Whispers From The Shadow. Can use Investigate instead of Academics when recalling information about ancient civilizations and relics.
Equipment (4 Points)
  • Dual Custom Revolvers (3): Harmful 3; ‘Requires Upkeep’ [Troubling]
    • Special Ammo (1): Once per session he can use specialized spirit pattern disrupting ammo which can inflict the ‘Out Of Phase’ situational aspect on target in addition to stress inflicted [Exceptional w/ Limited 2].
Aspect Descriptions

Aslani Relic Hunter, Curse Included
Rajah was sent in to steal a relic from Raph Spiritbane. During his attempted escape the relic was destroyed, releasing a spirit curse upon him, causing him to become a host to the spirit who can, at times, take over as the controlling mind for his body. The spirit’s name has become Rajah’s last (or second) name.

Demonic Co-Pilot
The ancient spirit Khentkaus enjoys spreading death and chaos above all else. It sees no allies and knows no loyalty, knowing only that its time in control is short-lived and that it can spare no time in pursuing the things that it loves, while trying to keep its host alive.

“Fortune and Glory, Kid. Fortune and Glory.”
While Rajah plays it down, he greatly loves the glory and fame he gains from his feats, and will usually go after gaining more as well as strong monetary rewards.

You Stay Till Job is Done
Once upon a path, or on a job Rajah rarely balks or turns away. A job that is started must be finished, afterall.

Pursued by Raph Spiritbane
The grudge is real. Raph Spiritbane had plans to use the spirit within Rajah as a tool to destroy all spiritual influence within the world. He is aware that the spirit still exists, and is set on recovering both Rajah, and the spirit.




You were dragged into a conflict between the Resistance and Raph Spiritbane, and Yurah Watchful-Spirit pulled you out of the fire. What favour did they ask for in return that you still need to do?

When the Uzai and the Hounds come into a conflict, you were forced to pick a side. Who did you pick and what did you get out of it?
During A Uzai v Hounds conflict, I sided with the Hounds as the Baron had deeper pockets and the foresight to contract me first. While his activities may have been less than noble, he was honest and upfront about them when putting me under contract. The honesty rates high on my list of requirements for employers.


Rajah Khentkaus

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