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Tales from the Frontier is a Fate Core campaign using a number of variant systems, such as the equipment and condition stress systems from Bulldogs, and the spirits from Frontier Spirit.

The campaign, as one expects, is set within a region known as the Frontier, a harsh and desolate land created by my players and I through several rounds of Microscope. It was initially inspired by the work of Jakub Rozalski, and has since had influences from various sources, including the TV series ‘Into the Badlands’, several Quentin Tarantino and Wuxia-based films, Westerns, various mangas/animes, and Warhammer 40,000, just to name a few.

It is a land gripped in the clutches of a mini Ice Age, where powerful machines of war and industry, relics of a war since long passed, tower over towns devastated by war, famine, and exposure. Elsewhere, secluded cults dedicated to the Old Ways worship ancient spirits and their courts, making sacrifices in return for their favour. Savage creatures lurk in the night, some foul creations of man’s desire to play god, others fearsome hunters born red in tooth and claw.

In the middle of all this are our characters, a rare few that put their lives on the line to make a living as mercenaries working for the highest bidder – where their conscience allows.

Below you will find the collected documents from the Great Archives. Feel free to look around, and drop us a message if you like what you see!

Main Page

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